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In the year 2012, ICRIC has run several programs and plans as follows:

-          In the year 2012, ICRIC has actively participated in the events organized by ICCIA members in Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Lebanon; exchanged delegations with Brazil, Colombia, Lebanon, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, China and India; and participated in different Halal international conferences and exhibitions. Following is the list of activities realized by ICRIC in the period June 2011- June 2012:
-  “International Financial Crisis: Implications for Muslim Countries”, 2-4 June 2011
-    “International Trade Negotiations”,  23-28 June, 2011 and 1-6 Feb. 2012
-   “Legal Challenges for Women Entrepreneurship in OIC countries”; 6-9 Oct. 2011  
-   “New Trends in Electronic Commerce”, 14-16 Nov. 2011 and 25-28 June 201


In the year 2013, ICRIC has run several programs and plans as follows:

Research and information:

-       Country profile of all member states have been prepared and made available on ICRIC website and ICCIA’s as well.

-       ICRIC published a magazine in June 2013 entitled ‘Islamic Trade and Development’ which was dispatched to all foreign embassies and members of Iran Chamber of commerce, Industry, Agriculture and mines.

-       An essay entitled ‘The Impact of Trade Preferences among D-8 Countries on OIC-Intra Trade’ has been published by the order of ICRIC and has been loaded on ICRIC website for public access.

-       Some papers have written in the following subjects:

Ø  International Financial Crisis and Lessons for Islamic Countries,

Ø  International Political Economy and Muslim Countries,

Ø  Role of Business Communities in the Trade Diplomacy of Muslim Countries,

Ø  Trade among Islamic Countries and Weak Economic Integration .

-       General Director of ICRIC presented in a workshop conducted by SESRIC and delivered a speech on “The Role of FDI Flow in Islamic Countries”.

-          Halal Standardization Process, Islamic Financial Systems and Halal Tourism was the topics of some other researches conducted by ICRIC.

-       Halal Scientific Committee established to supervise following working groups for Halal standardization on: food, medicine, cosmetics and hygienics, textile and services.


Workshops and events:

-  “Key Elements of International Economy after Financial Crisis” with the cooperation of UNCTAD virtual institute, Tehran, April 24th,

- “Effects of Doha Negotiation on the Private Sector in OIC Countries”,

-  “International Commercial Negotiation” ,

- The workshop “Kaizen Management Model for OIC SMEs” has been held, jointly with JETRO and CACCI in November 2013.

-       One-day monthly workshops have been hold on Halal related issues (6 sessions)

-       ICRIC Participated in Islamic Digital Media Exhibition on Feb. 03,2013 in Qom city, Iran.

-       ICRIC Participated in Tehran Agro Food Exhibition which is the most reputable Food Industry Expo in Iran,

-       ICRIC Participated in Xining (Qinghai Halal Exhibition) Apr. 30- May 03, 2013

-       General Director of ICRIC delivered a speech in the 4th Moscow Halal Exhibition and conference, June 13-16, 2013,

-       General Director of ICRIC Participated in International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance in Istanbul , Sep. 09-11,2013,

-       General Director of ICRIC delivered a  speech in SESRIC training workshop on “FDI flow in Islamic Countries”,

-       ICRIC participated in three OIC health tourism conferences in Mashad,Iran.


In the year 2014, ICRIC has run several programs and plans as follows:


-       The Impact of Trade Preferences among D-8 Countries on OIC Intra-Trade,

-        International Financial Crisis: Lessons for Islamic Countries,

-       International Political Economy and Muslim Countries,

-       Weak Economic Integration among Islamic Countries,

-       The Role of FDI Flow in Islamic Countries.


Workshops and events:

-       Workshop on International Trade negotiations,

-       Workshop for trade Adviser,

-       Monthly training Workshop on Halal Related issues,

-       Workshop on principles of International Trade FDI in Muslim countries.

International conference:

-          -Conference on “The role of private sector in Islamic Countries in Post – 2015 UN Goals” Tehran, Iram.

-          The 2nd “ Annual Conference on Women Entrepreneurship in Muslim Countries” Tehran- Iran.