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In the year 2012, ICRIC has actively participated in the events organized by ICCIA members in Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Lebanon; exchanged delegations with Brazil, Colombia, Lebanon, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, China and India; and participated in different Halal international conferences and exhibitions. Following is the list of activities realized by ICRIC in the period June 2011- June 2012:
-  “International Financial Crisis: Implications for Muslim Countries”, 2-4 June 2011
-    “International Trade Negotiations”,  23-28 June, 2011 and 1-6 Feb. 2012
-   “Legal Challenges for Women Entrepreneurship in OIC countries”; 6-9 Oct. 2011  
-   “New Trends in Electronic Commerce”, 14-16 Nov. 2011 and 25-28 June 2012