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The Islamic Chamber Research & Information Center shall undertake studies and researches in the areas such as:
1-    To identify and analyze challenges and opportunities in the domain of trade, investment, information technology and E-commerce.
2-    To assist small and medium size enterprises in Islamic countries.
3-    To organize seminars, workshops and training programs on changes related to new trends in the world trade system.
4-    To design training programs for ICCI in different sectors based on the actual needs and requirements of member states
5-    To collect, compile, analyze and disseminate trade data among Islamic Countries in order to set up an economic data bank in all fields related to economies.
6-    To develop and consolidate the relationship between the Center and training institution, consultancy   centers, universities and other relevant institutions in member Countries.
7-    To publish and disseminate reports, booklets and books.
8-    To study and analyze rules of Membership in WTO and active participation in relevant discussions in order to take a unified strategy among OIC and other developing countries.
9-    To perform assignments suggested by Islamic Chamber of Commerce and industry.
10-To undertake studies, project sponsors and entrepreneurs in OIC Countries for implementation of their joint venture projects by inter-alia, preparing the necessary documents and feasibility studies in conformity with guidelines of IDB.
11-    To undertake studies and research projects on the strategies for establishment of the Islamic Common Market.
12-    To contribute to the potential areas for development of cooperation in the area of tourism in Islamic Countries.
13-    To prepare studies on proposals in order to apply modern research methods to tackle economic problems in OIC Countries and provide solution thereto
14-    To help entrepreneurs through ICCI, to be equipped with technical skills and knowledge on marketing in different fields on industry.
15-    To conduct surveys to determine potential areas of competitive advantage in different sectors in OIC countries for contributing to socio – economic growth of Islamic Countries.
16-    To publish and disseminate the outcomes of the Center research in OIC Countries. The Venter shall establish close linkages with economic organs of Islamic Countries to further its objectives.
17-    To research, develop and collect information about the Halal issues in Muslim and Non-Muslim countries and supporting and cooperating with the Halal centers in the world