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From the very beginning, the Islamic Chamber has devoted its every effort to strengthen closer collaboration among OIC countries in the field of trade, insurance, shipping, banking and promotion of joint ventures.

In order to promote intra-organizational and regional convergences among Member States of Islamic Chamber and in conformity with decisions made in the 8th Session of Heads of OIC countries held in 1997, in Tehran, and following the Doha deliberations  held in Qatar on the  creation of an Islamic Common Market, “The Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center (ICRIC)  was established in 2003 to collect, compile and disseminate trade data among OIC countries; to analyze economic and technical implications of WTO rules for OIC countries;  to contribute to efforts on the establishment of Islamic Common Market; to research on OIC intra trade; to plan capacity building programs for OIC SMEs; to assist OIC entrepreneurs on marketing and new knowhow ; to work on the competitive advantage in different sectors in OIC countries; to design training programs for the ICCI in different sectors; to organize seminars, workshops and training programs on economic issues;; to develop relations with other training and research institutions; to undertake studies for project sponsors and entrepreneurs in OIC countries ; to implement studies on the promotion of intra-OIC tourism;; to focus on research activities on the development issues and finally to establish close linkages with the economic organs of OIC countries and OIC organizations to further its objectives.

In the Twenty First Meeting of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in the Forty Second Meeting of the General Assembly of the Chamber, held in Abu-Dhabi on 20 December 2004, the General Assembly appointed Mr. Khamushi as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Aqeel Jassem as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian as the Vice-Chairman and General Director of ICRIC along with six representatives from chambers of Iran , Egypt , Jordan and Malaysia to comprise the nine-member Board of Directors of the center.

The same team was reelected in 2008 for a second Term, being Dr. Nahavandian nominated both as Chairman and Director General , because of his election as the President of Iran Chamber of commerce, Industries and Mines .

After the engagement of Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian in presidential office in 2013, another election was held on the 1st December 2013; Engineer Gholam Hossein Shafe’i was elected and took charge of the chairmanship of ICRIC.









Eng. Gholam Hossein Shafei

Chairman of the Board



Dr.Yusuf Hassan Khalawi

First Vice Chairman

Saudi Arabia


Dr. Mohammad Reza Karbasi

Director General and Second Vice Chairman



Dato Sri Syed Hussien Al Habshee

Board Member



Mr. Abdel Sattar Eshrah

Board Member



Mr. Nael Al-Kabariti

Board Member



Eng. Ali Reza Ashraf

Board Member



Dr. Sabbah Zangeneh

Board Member



Eng.Hossein Salimi

Board Member